Build a competitive advantage with the 3DEXPERIENCE platform and combine all areas of your company's activity in one tool.
We specialize in industry-leading CNC machining solutions and rapid prototyping services tailored to your business needs.
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We are your trusted and proven partner in implementing and optimizing innovative solutions tailored to your specific needs. We specialize in cutting-edge solutions for design and management, making us your guide through the innovation journey.
Robotics & Automation
We excel in the automation, construction, and seamless integration of custom robotic workstations for industrial applications.
Get to know the proprietary SOLIDEXPERT solutions that support the work of the constructor, such as the WOODEXPERT software, the SOLIDEXPERT panel or PDM and CAD addons.
Other services
We also offer a rich portfolio of our training courses, including: SOLIDWORKS support in the field of design, simulation, manufacturing or documentation management.

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We guarantee an individual approach to each client at every stage of cooperation

Identification of needs

We aim to understand your unique business challenges in CAD, ERP, and CNC operations, so we can deliver customized design and management solutions that precisely align with your current needs.


After assessing your specific needs and challenges in CAD, ERP, and CNC solutions, we craft a tailored offer designed to provide optimal problem-solving strategies for your business.


After determining the details of our cooperation, we proceed to the implementation of the proposed solutions, ensuring that the entire implementation process runs smoothly and provides you with the most benefits.

Technical assistance

Our team of technical experts offers ongoing after-sales support and specialized technical support and assistance in CAD, ERP, and CNC solutions, ensuring a hassle-free and efficient user experience for your business

SOLIDEXPERT is your trusted partner in implementing and optimizing CAD, ERP, CNC, and Robotics solutions tailored to your business needs. We specialize in 3DEXPERIENCE implementation and offer technical assistance to ensure smooth operations.. Thanks to the wide range of services we offer, we accompany our clients at every stage of the innovation process. The experienced SOLIDEXPERT team proposes suitable solutions for the individual requirements of each company, as well as carrying out implementation, employee training and integration with other systems.

Your Trusted Partner in 3DEXPERIENCE Implementation

Looking to swiftly and effectively integrate a PLM system like 3DEXPERIENCE into your business operations? Curious about optimizing various business processes? SOLIDEXPERT makes it possible for you!

The implementation of the 3DEXPERIENCE platform is a key step in achieving success for your enterprise. Thanks to our experience and specialization in this field, we are able to offer you comprehensive support at every stage of this process. The advantages of implementing the 3DEXPERIENCE platform are invaluable. Through the use of modern solutions, our solution will positively affect the daily work of your company, enabling a significant improvement in the efficiency of employees.

Place your trust in SOLIDEXPERT and join our roster of satisfied clients who have reaped the rewards of 3DEXPERIENCE implementation. With us, you can rest assured that your enterprise will operate efficiently, cost-effectively, and with modern standards.

We build and integrate robotic workstations

We are experts in the automation of machining processes for industry. Our company helps clients introduce innovative programming solutions and integrate robotic workstations. We specialize in the automation of milling, grinding, deburring and the replacement of details on machining centers.

With over 20 years of presence on the market and cooperation with various industries, we have extensive experience that is irreplaceable when designing solutions tailored to the individual needs of our clients. Thanks to us, you can effectively automate and improve your machining processes, increasing efficiency and saving time and costs.

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We are proud of the fact that SOLIDEXPERT has always been a Polish company. After over nineteen years we have grown from one-person activity into a strong, over 100-person team. We develop together with our clients. We do not have foreign capital and therefore we are fully independent – we perfectly understand the challenges and problems of the Polish market.

We have numerous certificates confirming our competence:

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Our customers

Meet the companies that trusted us!

Since 2005, we have been actively cooperating with SOLIDEXPERT in the field of consulting, implementation and maintenance of SOLIDWORKS software. In these matters, we could always count on reliable and specific assistance, with particular emphasis on the technical approach to performing the assigned tasks. As a result, our SolidWorks software supported our development and allowed us to achieve the status of one of the most recognizable and competitive Polish companies. Currently, Enterprise PDM is implemented in the Research and Development Department of PESA and the main topic of cooperation today is to help in the implementation and operation of the system in more and more areas of the company, such as providing online documentation to contractor workshops, or integration with our company's ERP system. In case of any doubts, we could always count on the professional, and most importantly, on the effective involvement of SOLIDEXPERT employees.

Arkadiusz Sobkowiak Research and Development Director

(...) we cooperate with the SOLIDEXPERT company from Krakow, which provided and implemented for us licences of SOLIDWORKS software. Since the beginning of the cooperation (2005), the company confirmed its knowledge and professionalism in the field of offered solutions many times. (...)

Ryszard Bedynek Head of the IT Department

(...) We have been cooperating with SOLIDEXPERT from Krakow since 2011. During this time we implemented SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional software in our organization, for which SOLIDEXPERT was responsible on the Dassault Systemes side. Support in the field of technical assistance and commercial talks are conducted at the highest level. (...)

Agata Wenglorz-Dorosz

In 2020, we started cooperation with SOLIDEXPERT Polska Sp. z o. o. sp.k. buying our first Solidworks Premium license. When implementing Solidworks, we appreciated the stability of the software and the quick response of Solidexpert experts to inquiries via the helpdesk, which influenced the purchase of further licenses supporting the continuous development of our company.

Justyn Bujwicki Owner

Etisoft Smart Solutions is a Polish supplier of markings for the industry and solutions in the field of production automation and logistics. The company's offer includes, among others: AMR/AGV automated transport systems, as well as vision and automated systems.

SelfMaker is a technology company that designs and builds multifunctional self-service devices, integration tools and software fully tailored to the needs of customers.

ATMAT is a dynamically developing Polish manufacturing company specializing in industrial engineering. This company operates in the field of production of 3D printers, industrial machines, robotic stations and technological lines.

Smart Power Team is a team operating as part of the Student Scientific Circle of Machine Structure Modeling at the Silesian University of Technology. For six years he has been designing and building modern energy-saving vehicles.

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  • Od 2002 roku nawiązaliśmy współpracę z 3500 firm
    i przeszkoliliśmy ponad 9500 osób

  • We are winners of many industry awards
    e.g. for the best customer service

  • We have numerous certificates confirming our competences

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