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MULTIKONEKTOR PDM-ERP is SOLIDEXPERT’s proprietary software that allows data exchange between the PDM class system and ERP. It is a universal tool that gives designers and technologists the opportunity to work in their natural environment, which is a CAD and PDM program, enabling the download of appropriate data from the ERP system and sending properly formatted and validated structures of designed products to this system. Data exchange is based on shared databases, thanks to which all users work on one set of data.

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DXF PDF Creator

The DXF PDF wizard enables you to bulk generate DXF files from unfolded sheet metal in parts or assemblies, and PDF files from assembly component drawings. Thanks to this addon, you can easily generate PDF technical documentation of the project and DXF files that can be used in the production of details. This will save time needed for manual export and its parameterization. The addon is integrated with the SOLIDWORKS environment and has a simple and intuitive interface.

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SW Custom Properties

SW Custom Properties is an application by SOLIDEXPERT that allows you to bulk modify custom properties in selected SOLIDWORKS files. SW Custom Properties can be especially useful when there is a need to add properties to all project files, or to modify existing ones (e.g. due to changes in part or assembly file templates). The program provides basic functionality to add, remove, or modify custom properties in SOLIDWORKS files.

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Load Coordinates

Load Coordinates is a tool that allows you to quickly generate XYZ point tables of successive reference points, as well as plot points at characteristic locations of a pipeline route sketch or any sketch. With this functionality, it extends the capabilities of SOLIDWORKS where pipe bend tables can only be exported from tube installations. The program also enables the preparation of data for CNC machines describing the process of bending individual pipeline segments, which will improve the production process of bent tubular elements on CNC machines.

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Technology Card Generator

Technology Card Generator is an addon to CAMWorks that allows you to create PDF sheets containing information about the semi-finished product, the target element and the list of tools used. The graphic part of the Card may contain projections of the workpiece, the method of mounting the semi-finished product on the machine or any detail selected by the user. Just a few clicks are enough to generate a document that fully describes the machining process, which will automate the process of creating technological documentation that will be clear and legible for machine operators.

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CAM2EUREKA’s proprietary solution is an addon that allows you to quickly export data from CAMWorks to the best virtual machining simulation software on the market, including the kinematics of the EUREKA virtual machine. It exports STL files of the blank, finished detail and an XML file containing the tools used for machining. It works with both part and assembly files, supports milling and turning tools. The tool is especially helpful for users who have separate CAMWORKS and EUREKA applications.

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The GeoCoordinates addon is a solution that facilitates applying markers to various types of plans/maps imported to DraftSight and preparing a report containing a list of these markers along with their coordinates.

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AutoSwap Formats

AutoSwap Formats is an addon designed to speed up and automate the sheet format change process by introducing automatic sheet format change for many drawings. For example, changing the sheet format in 50 drawings takes less than 2 minutes!

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Find Duplicates

The Find Duplicates addon is integrated with the SOLIDWORKS environment, from which the user can force the search for models with identical geometry, as well as open its configuration. The search can also be performed automatically when saving a file in SOLIDWORKS, which automates the work and does not require any action on the part of the user.

The search checks all model configurations in the user-selected vault folder, and you can select the PDM status of the files to be included in the search (for example, only approved files). The addon can also merge multi-body models for comparison.

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