CNC machining

We provide services in the field of professional CNC machining up to 5 axes. We guarantee the highest quality of workmanship and short lead times

CNC machining at SOLIDEXPERT

Our company provides services in the field of CNC machining in 2.5, 3, 4 and 5 axes. Our modern machinery resources consist of, among others, the super-precise DMU 75 MONOBLOCK machining centre of the market leader, DMG MORI. We are not afraid of any, even the most difficult orders. We mill in steel, aluminum, titanium and plastics. We manufacture moulds, turbines, dies on request. We guarantee our customers the highest quality of workmanship and short lead times.

Check how we do it at SOLIDEXPERT!

Perfection during the execution of each CNC order is the message that accompanies us when we carry out processing for the customer! We specialize in providing precision metalworking services using CNC technology and prototyping. We ensure that the components you need will match your design intent. We provide the opportunity to verify your concepts on real models.

A team of experts from SOLIDEXPERT is ready to help at every stage of the order. From project optimization to support in choosing the most effective path for order completion. Thanks to our knowledge not only in the field of CNC, but also CAM solutions, programming and implementation, we become a reliable partner for your company.

Why should you work with us?

Our CNC machining centre has been operating continuously since 2019. Over the years, we have completed many details for our clients, most of them with very complex shapes. Experience and appropriate technological facilities allowed us to provide precise details and guarantee short delivery times. Moreover, our CNC machining centre boasts the PN-EN ISO 9001:2015 quality certificate, which guarantees the highest quality of machined details. Find out why it is worth ordering CNC machining to us!

CNC services in SOLIDEXPERT – why us?


Thanks to our advanced software and modern technologies that we use, we are not afraid of any orders

Human resources

Our team includes operators and technologists who can boast of specialist education and many years of experience


We use technology that guarantees high precision of workmanship, we have a quality certificate PN-EN ISO 9001


Being a reseller of SOLIDWORKS and CAMWorks, we use top-class CAD and CAM software

What does the order completion process look like in our company? Find out how we work!

The standardized process allows us to maintain the precision and quality of the components from the first piece to the end of production. See how the service in SOLIDEXPERT looks like in detail!

Receipt of inquiry

In the first contact, we will ask you to send us the technical documentation of the elements that you want to make in our production department. CAD models of your products will be extremely useful at the valuation stage. Using CAD/CAM tools from the SOLIDWORKS portfolio, we can quickly estimate the processing time and propose the necessary changes that will allow the technological production of elements.
Remember that your projects are extremely safe in our hands! We guarantee close cooperation confirmed by the NDA agreement.

Offer preparation

The process of CNC machining valuation is summarized with an offer that includes the prices of individual products, the proposed completion date and delivery terms. All details of cooperation with SOLIDEXPERT are described in the general terms and conditions.

Order confirmation

After accepting the offer and terms of cooperation, we will confirm the acceptance of the order for execution.

Opening of a production order in the ERP system and production planning

The Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central ERP system allows us to have full control over the execution of orders and guarantees the delivery of all necessary materials and semi-finished products on time.

Technology preparation

The CAD/CAM software we use for milling offers extensive options for optimizing tool paths that perform fast and multi-axis machining operations, taking full advantage of the capabilities of our CNC milling machines. The environment in which we work, that is SOLIDWORKS and CAMWorks provide security, speed, and efficiency to help us achieve precision parts in fewer steps.

Milling an element

Your element will be made on one of the machines: DMG MORI DMU 75 MONOBLOCK or DOOSAN DNM 6700.

Quality control

One of the key stages of order completion is quality control. For this process, we use certified and regularly calibrated measuring tools. Our company manages the quality system in accordance with the requirements of the PN-EN ISO 9001:2015 standard

Shipment of detail to the customer

Your ordered parts are packaged and immediately shipped to the indicated delivery address.

Our machine resources


This is our machine for special tasks, it offers the highest precision of machining in 5 axes.
Machine Parameters:

  • travels in the x axis 750 mm
  • travels in the y axis 650 mm
  • travels in the z axis 560 mm
  • table load 600 kg and table diameter 650 mm


The machine allows us to carry out machining orders up to 3 axes.
Machine Parameters:

  • travels in the x axis 1300 mm
  • travel in the y axis 670 mm
  • travels in the z axis 625 mm
  • table load 1300 kg and table size 670 x 1500 mm

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