SOLIDWORKS solutions

The SOLIDWORKS family of solutions offers comprehensive tools for engineers and designers to enable precise 3D modelling, simulation analysis and efficient design data management.

CAD software

Are you looking for software that will allow you to easily and quickly prepare the design of your product in 2D or 3D? Do you want to sketch the concept of your idea or create a ready-made mechanical design with all technical documentation?

We invite you to discover our offer of CAD/CAM/CAE/PDM engineering software in the desktop version.


Transform your vision into reality with unparalleled design capabilities.


SOLIDWORKS is a program for parametric three-dimensional modelling. It enables individual components to be designed and assembled into a complete model, and the production documentation to be prepared. Hundreds of additional modules and the possibility of extending the scope of functionality make CAD 3D software easier to automate tasks in every company, positively affecting the optimization of time and production costs.


SOLIDWORKS Visualize is the “camera” that enables users of SOLIDWORKS and other CAD programs to design, communicate, and collaborate with high-quality images, thereby driving innovation and supporting design decisions and business solutions. Professional, awe-inspiring renderings of e.g. products. SOLIDWORKS Visualize lets you create 3D visualizations, renderings, movies, and animations.


SOLIDWORKS Electrical is a program and, at the same time, a solution that simplifies drawing, designing circuits, electrical diagrams, thanks to the use of e.g. an intuitive interface that allows you to accelerate the design of the internal architecture of electrical circuits. SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD’s real-time, two-way integration enables your company’s electrical and mechanical specialists to complete their tasks more efficiently.


SOLIDWORKS Composer will enable you to create professional user documentation, such as: user manuals, assembly manuals, service manuals, product catalogues, animations, interactive presentations, website content. Based on the product visualization, 3D model, you can add exploded views, bills of materials, detail views, annotations and much more. Composer is a program that you will use not only in the construction department, but also in production, marketing and sales!


DraftSight is a professional solution for 2D and 3D CAD design available in Polish and English. With its help, we are able to create and edit engineering projects of various industries and prepare technical documentation. The program works on the basis of popular DWG/DXF formats and user interface familiar to many users of CAD applications. It provides simple file migration between versions, guaranteeing compatibility between old and current projects. The program saves from 50% to 80% of working time.


Achieve engineering excellence with precise and reliable calculations.


SOLIDWORKS Simulation is an intuitive tool designed to perform quick strength simulations of created products, while maintaining high reliability of results. The Simulation addon is characterized by a multitude of available options that allow you to find a precise solution for even the most complex construction problems faced by the designer. SOLIDWORKS Simulation is a tool that should be included in every company for which high accuracy and effective optimization of the product from the earliest design phases are important.

SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation

SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation is a module dedicated to the analysis of fluid mechanics (CFD). The tool allows you to perform fluid flow simulations, advanced thermal analyses, analyse heat transfer between the designed components and a predefined medium, check the thermal comfort of residential buildings (HVAC) and conduct specialized cooling simulations of electronic components.


SOLIDWORKS Plastics is a module dedicated to creating simulations of plastic injection processes. The tool enables the correct design of the production process of elements made of polymeric materials. The Plastics addon is a great tool for estimating manufacturability, improving the quality of future products, and detecting possible costly design errors.

SOLIDWORKS Sustainability

SOLIDWORKS Sustainability is a solution that will allow you to assess the impact, environmental impact of a given product in real time, which is part of its design process. Sustainability is a fully integrated application with the SOLIDWORKS design environment. The program uses industry-standard product life cycle criteria, provides immediate feedback, on the basis of which you can quickly make adjustments to the design.


Abaqus is a solution from the Dassault Systemès SIMULIA portfolio of applications dedicated to advanced structural analysis. Abaqus offers powerful and complete finite element method (FEM) simulation solutions for both routine and sophisticated engineering problems covering a wide spectrum of industrial applications.


Streamline project workflow with integrated management solutions.


SOLIDWORKS PDM is a programme, a comprehensive tool that acts as a special network drive where you can store all SOLIDWORKS files or any other. By special, we mean a regular network folder without all the disadvantages. Access to files is very fast, information is collected who, what and when changed in a given document, which greatly supports the correct electronic circulation of documents in the company.


SOLIDWORKS Manage software offers SOLIDWORKS users a unique set of advanced data management tools. This is achieved by leveraging the file management and ease-of-use features of the SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional platform, as well as adding powerful project, process and item management features, and using interactive dashboards and reporting tools.


EXALEAD OnePart is the perfect tool for finding files in your company. Without the need to install additional software on users’ computers, you can quickly search your computer, network shares or even e-mail. Its simple interface means that it will not be necessary to spend many hours learning the program.


Optimize manufacturing processes for unmatched efficiency and quality.


CAMWorks, a well-known and valued CAM program supporting the cnc machining process, is the first CAM system fully integrated with SOLIDWORKS and the first Gold Partner and CAM Partner of SOLIDWORKS. As the first application proposed and introduced the so-called. Knowledge Based Machining. The program allows you to develop and simulate the full process of making a detail on CNC machines.


SOLIDWORKS CAM is the first SOLIDWORKS module dedicated to generating G codes for CNC machines such as milling and lathes. It is a tool for preparation of machining in the SOLIDWORKS environment. It is based on the CAMWorks interface, the best-suited SOLIDWORKS CAM program. Thanks to the use of automatic recognition of properties and the use of a knowledge base, it is possible to fully automate the operation of the program to significantly reduce the time needed to prepare the project and the machining itself.


SOLIDWORKS MBD (Model Based Definition) is an integrated solution for SOLIDWORKS 3D software for manufacturing without creating 2D drawings. With SOLIDWORKS MBD, you can communicate product and manufacturing information (PMI) directly in 3D, bypassing time-consuming 2D processes and eliminating potential issues. Companies adopting model-based methodologies highlight the savings achieved in many areas.


SOLIDWORKS Inspection is an indispensable program for quality control, which allows for easier creation of inspection documents (e.g. PPAP, FAI documentation), simpler inspection of parts and ensuring their higher quality. Carrying out everyday activities related to manual creation of sheets, control documentation is a pure waste of time.


NESTINGWorks (formerly CAMWorks Nesting) is an additional module for SOLIDWORKS used to optimize the arrangement of cut elements on a sheet of material (cnc nesting) so as to fit as many of them as possible. It can be used to produce parts from metals, wood and composites. This addon is very easy to learn and use. The arrangement of elements is done automatically, with the parameters selected by us.


The solutions provided by CIMCO focus on the preparation of programs controlling CNC machines as well as their verification and transmission. The main programme included in these solutions is CIMCO Edit, which has become one of the most popular CNC program editors available on the market. It is characterized by simplicity in use and wide functionality min. file comparison, G code modification, solid simulation and DNC support.

Eureka Robot

Eureka Robot works by converting the neutral APT code generated by CAM systems into a program for a robot cell with 6 and more axes. During this process, the program calculates the optimal trajectory for the movement of the robot arm and external axes, additionally allowing the simulation of every aspect of machining. The 64-bit version allows you to process files of unlimited size.


Unlock your full potential with comprehensive support and training services.

Technical Support

We are aware of how a key element for companies is the uninterrupted operation of the software. As an official distributor of SOLIDWORKS, 3DEXPERIENCE, we have undergone the full certification process, as evidenced by the prestigious status of PLATNIUM LEVEL SUPPORT.
This means that we have achieved full certification in the field of:

  • Design and engineering
  • Simulations and calculations
  • Manufacturing and production
  • Management
  • Marketing and sales

Our experienced team of engineers provides technical support services for hundreds of Polish companies, thanks to which they are never left alone with their challenges.
Technically the Best is a slogan that has been accompanying the SOLIDEXPERT Team since the beginning of the company’s existence.


Each customer who decides to purchase CAD, PDM, CAM and ERP solutions may also decide to implement them in their company. Currently, our offer includes implementation services of SOLIDWORKS, SOLIDWORKS PDM, SOLIDWORKS CAM / CAMWorks programs for CNC milling and lathes and EDM cutters. Our offer also includes a comprehensive ERP solution implementation service – Microsoft Dynamics NAV.


Consultations are a step towards our clients who are struggling with specific technical issues in their company. We are able to help analyse these issues directly on a specific case of a given company. We indicate how to properly address a given issue. After consultations the company receives its solution or gains knowledge about the correct way to address it in the future. Consultations are conducted in our office or, if necessary, can be carried out in the form of a remote connection. If you are a user of SOLIDWORKS Simulation, Flow Simulation, Motion and Plastics solutions, you can decide to purchase a SOLIDWORKS Simulation consulting package specially prepared by us.


The audits we carry out allow us to delve into the processes implemented in enterprises, their reliable assessment and propose corrective actions that allow optimization of the company’s work and increase its efficiency. Audits are carried out at the client’s premises and may concern various areas of its operation, such as hardware infrastructure, configuration of the PDM environment, databases, network communication, work in the SOLIDWORKS environment, existing business/logistics/financial/production processes in terms of ERP system implementation in the company.

Systems integration

We help companies integrate CAD+PDM environments with ERP class systems. We have created our proprietary Multikonektor solution, allowing for two-way data exchange, thus giving designers and technologists the opportunity to work in their natural environment, which is the CAD and PDM programme, enabling the download of appropriate data from the ERP system and sending properly formatted and validated structures of designed products to this system. This solution was created directly by our programming department, thanks to which you can be sure that if necessary, we will adapt it to the needs of your company!

Proprietary solutions

Proprietary programming solutions are created by a team of SOLIDEXPERT programmers. They allow for individual adaptation to customer requirements in the areas of CAD, CAM, PDM, ERP work. Companies can not only decide to buy a ready-made, proprietary solution that they will find in our portfolio, they can also contact us with the need to adapt the program to their individual needs. Together with a team of programmers, we will determine the possibilities of action in the indicated area and we will try to create a solution tailored to the needs of a given company!


We are a fully certified Authorized SOLIDWORKS Training Centre – we guarantee the highest quality and technical knowledge of our instructors. We conduct training in Krakow, Warsaw, Gdańsk and Poznań. If necessary, we will also organize them at our clients’ premises!


The computational support package provides assistance to software users:

  • SOLIDWORKS Simulation
  • SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation
  • SOLIDWORKS Plastics
  • SIMULIA / ABAQUS Legacy/DesktopOnPremies

while conducting engineering analyses in the Customer’s production environment.


Our company offers the service of performing CAE and CFD calculations, which are extremely useful in various fields of engineering. Thanks to our experience and advanced computer tools, we are able to carry out advanced analyses and simulations that enable our customers to assess the strength and reliability of their products and optimize their design before production.

The CAE service covers a wide range of activities such as stress analysis, structural dynamics, design optimization, thermal analysis and much more.
The CFD service focuses on the analysis of fluid flows and heat transfer in various systems. This allows our customers to assess the efficiency of their cooling systems, optimize aerodynamic design, understand and minimize energy losses, and evaluate the impact of flow on other system components.

Outsourcing PDM

Has your PDM administrator recently left your company and are you struggling with administration? Or maybe your VM isn’t responding as fast as you want it to? We are available to outsource PDM administration. We know the software inside and out and all the latest features introduced with each subsequent version of the solution. We have methods or processes developed over the years and know-how that can improve the efficiency of your company. Selected benefits of outsourcing PDM administration:

  • Reducing and controlling operating costs
  • Access to previously unused functions
  • Use of internal resources for other purposes
  • Risk reduction


The task of a postprocessor is to convert the standard format into NC code, taking into account the machine control. In addition, it can have many other functions, e.g. summing movements in individual axes, adding limitations to machining parameters (feed and spindle speed adjustment) and creating tool lists for the operator. All additional functions allow you to optimize the CNC machining process. We write and modify postprocessors supporting CNC machines of all manufacturers.

Virtual machines

We reproduce the model, kinematics and logic of CNC machines used in our client’s company. On their basis a simulation of the machine operation is carried out. Our offer includes the Eureka Virtual Machining solution, which performs a complete 3D simulation of machine tools using a simple and intuitive graphical interface, starting with G-code. We recommend virtual machines to people who want to avoid the risk of damaging expensive elements, breaking tools and devices, and even failure of the CNC machine due to errors in the prepared machining program. Thanks to the possibility of personalization at any level, many large and well-known manufacturing companies have chosen Eureka as their own verification software and as a solution for their customers. Eureka supports all kinds of machines and any postprocessors available on the market, such as: Heidenhain, Fanuc, Siemens, Num, OSAI, Z32, Fidia, Selca. If required, other postprocessors can be easily integrated on demand.

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