Case study

CNC machining

In 2019, in Dąbrówki near Rzeszów, we created a new SOLIDEXPERT production department, where we carry out orders in the field of CNC machining.  This is where our technical knowledge, modern technology, built since 2002, and the most demanding projects that we implement for you meet. The standardized process allows us to maintain the precision and quality of the elements from the first piece to the end of production. See how the SOLIDEXPERT service looks like in detail!

Etisoft Smart Solutions

Etisoft Smart Solutions is a Polish supplier of markings for the industry and solutions in the field of production automation and logistics. The company’s offer includes, among others: AMR/AGV automated transport systems, as well as vision and automated systems. The projects of the mentioned solutions are based on a coherent SOLIDWORKS and SOLIDWORKS Electrical design environment, which ensures efficient work of the construction department.

Etisoft uses SOLIDWORKS solutions at virtually every stage of product development.  They allow you to manage the entire project cycle, taking into account changes and continuous adaptation to changing conditions. We invite you to watch our case study, in which we presented how SOLIDWORKS and SOLIDWORKS Electrical software improve the work of the construction department in the company.


SelfMaker is a technology company that designs and builds multifunctional self-service devices, integration tools and software fully tailored to the needs of customers. ​ Self-service kiosks designed by the company support customer service processes in various industries, such as: retail sales, restaurants, reception desks, banking, public transport.

SelfMaker is the company that chose SOLIDWORKS as the CAD environment in which the company’s products are created. The solutions used by the company include: SOLIDWORKS, SOLIDWORKS PDM, SOLIDWORKS Visualize. Be sure to watch our case study, from which you will learn how the entire process of creating self-service kiosks and SelfMaker totems looks like. We keep our fingers crossed for this energetic and thriving company!


ATMAT is a dynamically developing Polish manufacturing company specializing in industrial engineering. This company operates in the field of production of 3D printers, industrial machines, robotic stations and technological lines. Since 2014, it has been gaining the trust of customers by participating in industry projects and implementations, also in the field of automation and integration of production processes.

The company’s goal is to create innovative solutions that have a real impact on development and robotization. For this purpose, ATMAT uses the latest technologies and software. The projects offered by ATMAT are created using SOLIDWORKS solutions implemented by SOLIDEXPERT. These included SOLIDWORKS CAD 3D, SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation, SOLIDWORKS Plastics, and SOLIDWORKS Electrical.


STIGAL is a company that has been providing companies with modern and reliable machines for plasma and oxygen cutting for 12 years. Advanced technologies have been implemented in the machines, while making them simple and user-friendly to use.  The innovations developed in this way have been appreciated by specialists with dozens of industry awards, and their quality has been confirmed in practice by several hundred customers from Poland and abroad.

More than 400 STIGAL machines have already been implemented on the market. The creation of such innovative and modern machines would not be possible without the implementation of modern solutions that facilitate and streamline the process of their design and creation from the very beginning of product development.  The STIGAL company chose the SOLIDWORKS solution as its working environment. Over time, it has been expanded with additional solutions such as: SOLIDWORKS PDM and MBD, which were implemented by SOLIDEXPERT.


The creation of a coherent work environment allowed SECO/WARWICK to provide a perfect design ecosystem. The SOLIDWORKS solutions provided were complemented by the creation of a dedicated solution by the SOLIDEXPERT development department – SEDI ERP Multiconnector. The aforementioned solution allowed to connect the SOLIDWORKS and PDM environment with the ERP class system. Thanks to it, the most important information, i.e. the material index, is within the designer’s reach, directly in the SOLIDWORKS window.

The SEDI ERP Multiconnector application allows, on the one hand, to associate parts designed in SOLIDWORKS with information about them in the ERP system, and on the other hand, to generate an ERP-compliant structure and export it to the database. As a consequence, it shortened the time needed to prepare production documentation, ensured 1-to-1 compliance of design documentation and product structure in ERP (error elimination) and eliminated the need to manually create material structures on the ERP system side.


Europa Systems Sp. z o. o. deciding to use solutions from the SOLIDWORKS portfolio, ensured a coherent work environment in the area of preparation of broadly understood design and project-related documentation. Thanks to the intuitiveness, advancement in terms of functionality and mutual cooperation of the implemented SOLIDWORKS, SOLIDWORKS PDM and SOLIDWORKS Simulation solutions, the company could easily strive to become a modern and innovative company. Today, it can be said that the implemented SOLIDWORKS solutions were one of the tools to achieve the assumed goal. The culmination of many years of work and organizational changes carried out in the company was the opening of the Research and Development Centre of Europa Systems Sp. z o.o. on 5 August 2017!


PREVAC’s current success has been built on from the very beginning. The fact that the company operates on the international market and is a leader in its industry is paid for by hard work and experience of previous years. The beginnings were difficult, mainly due to the lack of infrastructure, tools and materials – you had to create your base from scratch.

The products provided by PREVAC require extensive knowledge of specialists, researchers and scientists from many fields of science involved in the project. Passion for learning and willingness to search for knowledge on your own are unfortunately not enough. Designing and manufacturing advanced instrumentation also requires tools to capture the product concept. The PREVAC company, being aware of this, has been looking for tools that would allow for a simple mapping of the advanced technologies of which they are the creators. After long consultations, the company decided for the SOLIDWORKS solution by purchasing the first 3D CAD licenses, provided by the Authorized SOLIDWORKS Distributor – SOLIDEXPERT.

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