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PDM Reports

To meet the expectations of administrators and managers, we have prepared a proprietary reporting program for the SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional system. The application offers a very friendly and clear interface. It contains a set of over 20 ready-made queries to the SQL database, the execution of which returns results presented in a clear way, both in the form of tables and charts.

Report results obtained in the program can be exported to XLSX files or embedded in the form of PNG graphic files. This gives administrators and managers an excellent input to prepare comprehensive reports on the CAD/PDM environment and to assess the work in quantitative terms of their project teams.

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PDM Migrator

SOLIDEXPERT has prepared a tool that can help companies migrate data from old to new PDM vaults and significantly speed up and simplify this process. The tool called PDM Migrator is a standalone application that should be run in an environment with access to both vaults. All settings are saved in the configuration file. The tool was built in accordance with SOLIDWORKS recommendations, and all data writing operations are performed using the PDM and SOLIDWORKS APIs.

PDM Migrator allows you to choose the appropriate options depending on the specific requirements of the migration process and the final goal we want to achieve.  During the development of this solution, one important assumption was made: migration is performed on the latest versions of files. Therefore, there is no file history or references to specific versions. This limitation had to be implemented, otherwise the migration would amount to cloning the old vault with all its problems into the new environment.

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PDM File Logger

PDM File Logger is a proprietary addon to PDM created by our company for logging to the database of information about events related to the operation of the PDM vault. The logs can be freely filtered while browsing, it is possible to export them to an Excel file, the operation of the addon does not affect the functioning and operation of PDM by users. The addition requires the creation and access to the MsSQL database to work properly!

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PDM File Destroyer

Neglecting to clean the PDM bin has negative consequences such as performance degradation and unnecessary space consumption on the archive server. Frequent, intensive cleaning can be CPU and SQL demanding, requiring overnight or weekend operations. PDM File Destroyer eliminates these problems by providing automatic, efficient and thorough cleaning of the PDM bin, complete with logging of deleted files and directories. Thanks to this, you can avoid performance degradation, optimal use of archive space and ensure uninterrupted work of users.

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PDM Inventor Converter

Introducing PDM Inventor Converter – a must-have addon for SOLIDWORKS PDM to convert Inventor files to various formats such as dwf, pdf, stp and more. Thanks to the integrated configuration in the PDM administration panel and the simple interface, conversions can be performed manually or automatically during a state change. Our tool runs under the SOLIDWORKS PDM license and requires access to Inventor. PDM Inventor Converter adapts to your needs, whether you need accurate file conversion or want to save disk space. Our application is constantly developed to meet customer expectations, providing an effective solution.

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PDM Files Collector

The addon was created to collect technical documentation files such as PDF, DWG (possibility to search for 10 types of formats) related to SOLIDWORKS files in the PDM system. Its purpose is to speed up the process of gathering the finished documentation together and copying it to a selected folder or compressing it directly to a .zip file.

The addon is aimed at engineers, constructors, designers, technical consultants, traders and others who need to collect documentation (flat and not only) from the entire project in a few steps.

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