The SOLIDEXPERT panel is an add-in for SOLIDWORKS software that contains tools supporting everyday work of the designer. The panel works on the basis of configurable add-ons that can be turned on or off at any time. Each user can choose add-ons tailored to him that automate and facilitate design.

 SOLIDEXPERT Panel – one place, many tools

A tool supporting the designers's work

After installation you can find SOLIDEXPERT panel as one of the SOLIDWORKS resource tab. Inside there are tools that support designers work in many areas. You are able to download applications such as „BOM to Excel”, „Package generator”, „Count Components”, „Batch print”, „Equation Editor”, „Save Documentation” and many more!

Download For Free

Plug-in's interface



You can download SOLIDEXPERT panel completely for free. There is a set of tools that is available free of charge!


Having all aplications inside SOLIDEXPERT Panel, makes it easier and faster to reach them while working inside SOLIDWORKS. You can also find there usefull links like our technical support’s website.


IInstallation of the SOLIDEXPERT Panel will take only a few minutes and you are two clicks away from experiencing new functionalities. The intuitive interface allows you to quickly download all necessary application.


The SOLIDEXPERT panel allows you to organize applications according to your preferences. The user can change the size of the icons and their location.

Exemplary applications

BOM do Excel

An extensive generator of material lists. It allows to set up BOM template based on model parameters and custom properties. BOM to Excel introduces functions such as bar codes or QR codes where any value can be included. Whole BOM can be exported to xlsx or csv format.


Find the location of the pointed/opened file. The add-in can find file location for whole assembly or for related parts/assemblies/drawings.

Equation editor

Powerful SOLIDWORKS equation editor. It allows for effective work and easy parametrization of models, introducting functions such as ext formatting, adding new logical functions or entering dimension directly from models.

Move properties

Moves custom properties specific for configuration to main tab of custom properties. Especially useful for companies that generate customized bills of materials.

Save documentation

Plugin allows to save all drawing sheets to several formats, e.g. pdf, dxf, dwg or edrw. User is able to adjust naming convention to their standards and specify export options. It includes extensive features that make it easy to create universal template or multiple save templates.

Rename features

Plugin introducing possibility to change names of operation in FeatureManager and configurations in ConfigurationManager. It will be used e.g. in international companies, where it is necessary to standarize the nomenclature, thanks to which working on foreign files will not be a problem.

Batch print

Plugin allows to send all drawings and sheets related with model to any printer in the company without having to open each file. Besides, it also support export to PDF.

Change configurations

Using this tool, you can easily change configurations in a CAD model. Thanks to simple interface, user is able to rebuild model in a few clicks and set the appropriate configurations. Especially useful in companies that work with model configurations on a daily basis.

Count components

Counter numer of indentical instances of component in an assembly, saving it in part custom properties.

Package generator

Plugin automatically generates packages basing on previously prepared templates. Package generator base on dimensions on part/assembly, allowing for extension packaing materials surplusses.


Save documentation addon

Rename features addon

Package generator addon

Change configurations addon

Equation editor addon

Dodatek "BOM do Excel" addon

Batch print addon

Save documentation addon

Rename features addon

Package generator addon

Change configurations addon

Equation editor addon

Dodatek "BOM do Excel" addon

Batch print addon

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