ERP Connector

ERP Connector is a solution that allows the exchange of data (BOM - bill of materials) between the 3DEXPERIENCE environment and any ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system. Thanks to the direct transfer of data from one system to another, the processing time of data preparation for production execution can be reduced up to 80%! On the one hand, 3DX ERP Connector makes it possible to download directly to SOLIDWORKS the relevant data from the ERP system such as material index, unit of measure, description or other required fields, and on the other hand, it allows sending the appropriately formatted structure to the ERP system. Thanks to this model of data exchange, the user does not need to manually enter data or support himself with transition files. Integration of PLM-ERP systems ensures data consistency between databases, as well as reduces the time needed to feed both systems with data, moreover, it ensures the complete elimination of errors made when manually exchanging data between systems.

Integration of the 3DEXPERIENCE environment with ERP for effective production planning

The increasing complexity of manufactured products raises many issues at the stage of the production preparation process. Before a machine, which sometimes consists of hundreds or thousands of components, reaches the production departments, it first has to be converted from the flat structure of the CAD material list into a so-called production BOM. This task can be very labor-intensive. Manual processing of the assembly structure from CAD applications is not only a very time-consuming activity, but can also generate errors, which will then affect subsequent processes like purchasing or production preparation. Integration of PLM-ERP systems ensures data consistency between databases and reduces the time needed to feed both systems with data, moreover, it ensures the complete elimination of errors made when manually exchanging data between systems.

Advantages of 3DX CAD Connector

Data consistency

Thanks to the exchange of information at the database level, the processed information is 100% correct without the need for manual copying and reinforcement of external databases.


The time required to prepare a complete product structure for material orders and production can be reduced by up to 80%.

No errors

We have reduced the number of errors associated with manually entering the structure into the ERP system to zero.

Integration with SOLIDWORKS

3DX ERP Connector is embedded in SOLIDWORKS / 3DEXPERIENCE, so the user does not need to open additional applications to download or send data to the ERP system.

Features of 3DX CAD Connector

Access to the ERP system in the SOLIDWORKS window

The COLLECT module is embedded in the SOLIDWORKS Task Window so that the builder can access the ERP inventory without having to open an additional program.

ERP inventory attributes in SOLIDWORKS properties

Attributes stored on inventory files in the ERP system are entered directly into the properties of the customized file or active SOLIDWORKS configuration.

Integration with 3DEXPERIENCE environment

CAD structure export is done directly from the 3DEXPERIENCE environment, so it can be done from any device.

Event-linked integration on the 3DEXPERIENCE environment side

Data export is linked to the maturity status of individual objects in the PLM data repository.

3DX CAD Connector packages

3DX ERP Connector
Additionally on request
Inventory search in ERP system
Defining search categories
Narrowing search results
Adding search results to favorites
Viewing search history
Elimination from search results or explicit marking for discontinued indexes
Reading retrieved attributes into SOLIDWORKS or Autodesk Inventor® customized properties
Other customer-required settings defined during the pre-implementation analysis
Export of BOM structure to ERP system
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